Adarsh Kant – Young Entrepreneur Changing India’s Cyber Security Landscape

Meet Adarsh Kant, a cyber crime expert solving the most complicated cybersecurity cases across country

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and excess of information available across various social media platforms, Cybersecurity has become an issue of international concern and cooperation. In the race to keep up with ever-evolving strains and attack modes, the onus of keeping our digital infrastructure secure can no longer lie solely with the IT team or the upper echelons of management but is now the responsibility of everyone in a company with access to a computer or smart device.

However, the work from home culture has further opened a multitude of new attack vectors for threat actors.

Just a few months into the new decade, we’ve already seen the rise of sophisticated attacks that exploit COVID-19 panic and social engineering, along with successful attacks on critical healthcare infrastructure and official communication channels.

Therefore, when it comes to cybersecurity, gaining insights from cybersecurity experts and influencers will be beneficial that can help optimise organizations’ security systems and applications.

A multifaceted cyber expert and entrepreneur, Adarsh Kant is a well-known cyber technologist and investigator who is noted for his extensive work in protecting firms and individuals against cyber crimes and threats. Adarsh’s proactivity has given him nationwide recognition in multiple media publications like Business Standard, Japan Times, Yahoo News, Dailyhunt, New York Dispatch, Los Angeles Evening Dispatch and 50 other global news media among others.

The 22 year old ace entrepreneur has actively been running various projects and firms

specializing in security threat intelligence and breach services for small to medium businesses. He has a flare in Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Operations, and Cyber Security. Therefore, his supervision is effective in solving issues related to the financial institution, business related to import and export, educational institutions, public and private sectors. A certified hacker with more than 80 certificates, he is a down-to-earth guy that also happens to be an exceptional entrepreneur and brilliant leader in the world of cybersecurity.

Speaking about his expertise and the need to prevent cyber threats, Adarsh says, “As India moves towards a new reality due to the COVID-19 crisis, digital vulnerabilities have also increased. Therefore, a need for a robust and effective cyber security approach and strategies have become the need of the hour. We are entering into a whole new era of digitization and just as we’re all making concerted efforts to step-up our personal hygiene practices, we too must maintain the same level of vigilance when it comes to our digital security in the upcoming years”.

For the past few years, Adarsh Kant has been on a mission to prove his skills and establish himself as a leading player in the domain. As a result, he has won multiple awards and recognitions for his remarkable contribution to for taking cyber security to ultimate heights that includes Global Talent Award 2021 for Inspiring Youth in Cybersecurity Expertise, India Prime Education Awards 2021, India Brands Awards for Excellence Service in Cyber Security, Director for Indian Hospitality Leadership Awards 2020 and much more.

Believing in the fact that cybersecurity will witness more demand in the near future, he is also providing valuable advisory and consultations through webinars and guest lectures to raise the significance for a more secure platform and why companies and individuals should towards protecting themselves against increasing cybercrime threats and related concerns.

Till date, he has trained more than 10,000 professionals and students from different banks, top colleges and universities, police departments, and organizations in preventing cyber threats or crimes.

In a nutshell, Adarsh Kant is the cybercrime expert who has the qualities of focus, dedication, computer, and networking knowledge, along with good researching and analyzing skills. These qualities are required to solve the emerging new cases of cyber fraud. Each cyber case requires a lot of time and experience to understand and deal with it, his contribution of in solving the complicated cybersecurity cases is commendable.

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