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AMZ Wholesale, Build Your Amazon Business In 30 Days Without Spending Any Money On Ads


You’ve probably tried E-commerce in the past and want to impact others or are looking forward to having an Amazon store. This article is for you. It will guide you in the right direction on where to start. 

Clayton Williams is an Amazon seller from Southern California. He is the guy who broke up the system to scale an Amazon business on command. He started his own e-commerce agency, AMZ Wholesale, from scratch. He has since been able to find fulfillment through ‘spoiling his employees’ and going to music festivals while still making 10K a day but what is the secret?

The first thing you need to do is have major brands do 100% of the advertising for you. When you throw money in ads, you end up with an outstanding balance that you literally can’t pay off if your store doesn’t generate cash. “I was spending so much money on advertising and I wasn’t getting a return yet I still had to pay a $2,758 balance,” says Clayton. 

The truth is that Clayton didn’t have to spend money on ads to have a successful e-commerce business. Why? Because there are hundreds of brands every single day spending millions of dollars on ads, yet people go looking for this product anywhere and everywhere they can find.  

Take an example of a product with a 2000 rating and sales over 22,500 on Amazon. You can take advantage and sell on this listing. AMZ Wholesale will help you not spend a dime on ads but instead help you build a business that has been set up for decades. 

Secondly, discover how multibillion-dollar stores are finding winning products. If you have been in E-commerce or researched e-commerce for any amount of time, you might have been told that the product is the number one thing you need to have. That is true. You need to have the right product. The product is going to be your number one factor in your success in e-commerce. However, 99% of people only do product research like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most successful stores do product research. But how do you get these brands to send you winning products? AMZ Wholesale uses a brand email approval script tested between 1000s of suppliers of what they found to work the best. This step helps the suppliers look at you very differently from 99% of people who reach them.

Thirdly, understand precisely how to get golden e-commerce suppliers to open up the floodgates of customers for your store. Authorized suppliers are everything in this model. Because to get approved to sell brand-name products, you must have an invoice from an authorized supplier. If not, Amazon will not only check, but they will neglect your inventory. Additionally, it would help if you differentiated between authorized and non-authorized suppliers. Authorized suppliers will always take your information and ask you questions about what you are doing with the products. They want to make sure the products are going to be sold in the right places. 

The above three steps will help you build your Amazon business. For more information, you can connect to Clayton Williams via his Facebook group


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