Archit Kumar: Talented and Skilled Digital Marketing Expert in India


Digital marketing has come forward as an extraordinary aspect of marketing that has been explored limitlessly but somehow always seems to have a lot of undiscovered and potentially advantageous gateways. In India, we have seen a surge in the amount of people and entrepreneurs who continually look into the intricacies of digital and online marketing and positively harness the various possibilities that it has to offer. Archit Kumar is a recognized digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of architdigital,’ Born on 1/11/1999 in Bihar, Archit has completed his BCom course from the RK College in Madhubani.

‘Architdigital’ is a reliable provider of quality and professional digital and online marketing services in India and across the globe. Archit Kumar founded ‘architdigital’ with the goal and vision to promote brands, products, businessmen and artists in a fresh way that integrates the principles of successful online marketing with the correct target audience/market. Hailing from the city of Madhubani in the state of Bihar, Archit Kumar is a young archiver who has established his name and firm in the digital marketing industry of the country.

As of today, Archit Kumar deals with top Bollywood celebrities, brands, social media personalities and other important figures from the entertainment world. With his tried and tested techniques and polished skills, he has ensured a wider market reach for all his clients and promoted them in a way that gave them visible results.

Archit Kumar advocates the importance of hard work and consistency. In a brief interview, he talked about what he believes in and said, “There is only one thing that has propelled me further in life. It is hard work. I never shy away from consistently investing extra hours and days in learning new skills and digital processes because I know that my clients will greatly benefit from them. ‘Architdigital’ started with a promise of quality and it has always prioritized the same. To maintain that standard, I am required to meet new people, learn new things everyday and most of all, apply them in my everyday work as a digital marketing service provider. My clients trust and faith in me is extremely important and like anyone else, I would like to keep it intact.”

Archit Kumar has proven to be not just reliable but also exceedingly inclined and dedicated towards quality and professionalism as a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur.

Archit Kumar’s is a story of continued persistence and determination. For him, we can safely say that a global reach is definitely not out of the question.


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