How to Make Kali Linux Live USB Persistence – a simple guide

Kali Linux Persistence USB
Kali Linux Persistence USB

Kali Linux “Live” has two options in the default boot menu which enable persistence — the preservation of data on the “Kali Live” USB drive — across reboots of “Kali Live”. This can be an extremely useful enhancement, and enables you to retain documents, collected testing results, configurations, etc.

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Persistence means that all the data changes that take place while you are using the system, they will be saved on the usb / pendrive that you Linux is in. To make use of the USB persistence options at boot time, you’ll need to do some additional setup on your “Kali Linux Live” USB drive; this article will show you how.

Reasons for using Live USB with Persistence are:

  • You can preserve of data on the Kali Live USB.
  • You can install some addition packages.
  • You take no space of your Hard Drive for it.
  • You can take your OS to any PC you use.
  • You use all of your system resources eg. CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.
How to install Kali Linux in USB drive

Requirements for Make Kali Linux Live Persistence USB:

[Watch This Video for setup] How to make fully loaded Persistent Kali Linux Live USB Drive [Hindi]

Setup Steps Creating Kali Linux Live USB with Persistence:

1. load Kali Linux ISO image into your USB Drive using Win32 Disk Imager.

2. Create Partition in USB, to create the partition for the data storage using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Pick this options:
Create as: Primary · File System: Ext4 · Partition Label: persistence.

3. You Need To Boot Into Kali Linux and execute these commands in the terminal


1. fdisk -l -To List Your Drives

2. mkdir -p /mnt/myhulk -Make a directory on the filesystem to mount your USB

3. mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/myhulk/ -Mount the partition on the directory you made

4. echo “/ union”> /mnt/myhulk/persistence.conf – Adds a configuration file to enable persistence.

5. umount /dev/sdb3 && reboot Unmount the partition and reboot.

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