Shamayun Miah thinks more people should foray into independent consulting

The emerging gig economy has opened the vista for a plethora of independent consulting businesses. Despite the lucrative nature of the market, there is still a rising demand for more experts in multiple fields. While many experts choose the beaten path of working with well-established consulting firms, the internet has created vast opportunities for those looking to start their own independent consulting business.

Veteran consultant Shamayun Miah insists that more experts should foray into independent consulting. He says, “it’s not only about the thrill of building and running your own business but also the satisfaction of being able to help others with your expertise.”

In the world of Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and countless other highly popular social media apps, social media consulting can prove to be a great avenue. Shamayun Miah believes that there is currently a gap in the market as many companies don’t understand social media fully to use it effectively. He thinks that is why many firms are on the lookout for social media marketing consultants to provide them with results.

“It’s astounding how much time millions of people spend on social media apps around the world. This is the right fit for someone with a good understanding of how consumers interact with brands online,” adds Shamayun Miah.

Financial consulting has also been a longstanding opportunity. Shamayun Miah contends that unlike social media consulting, this line of work requires prior qualifications and experience in the world of business and finance. Financial consultants or advisors help individuals and businesses manage their taxes, investment, insurance, and everything in between. This line of consulting is highly regulated and requires industry body certifications.

He explains, “in addition to qualifying exams, financial advisors must work alongside other professionals such as legal counsel, insurance brokers and accountants and must have a strong network.”

According to Shamayun Miah, this type of consulting is best suited for veterans in the financial arena as they will be able to assess their client’s needs and cater to the unique challenges facing them.

Marketing is the lifeblood of most businesses. To do this, they must make effective use of channels such as – Search engine optimization (SEO), Radio, Print and TV advertising, Content marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Miah contends that, “the world of marketing is in a constant state of flux, marketing methods and technologies are ever changing, and new channels are constantly being created faster than ever before.”

“Not only do businesses need to attract potential clients, but they also need strategies to convert and retain them too. The effectiveness of any particular channel can change in the blink of an eye and many businesses with outdated marketing models took a big hit during the pandemic,” adds Miah.

The seasoned consultant explains that for online marketing consultants, results are the only qualification. It presents a potential business opportunity for a wide range of people seeking a new beginning or an additional source of revenue.

Miah contends, “no matter what field of consulting one chooses, I think it’s important to hold on to some core values such as prioritizing personal development to be successful in this line of work.”





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