WhatsApp May Soon Offer a Community feature that’s similar to Discord groups and channels

WhatsApp May Soon Offer a Community feature that’s similar to Discord groups and channels

Whatsapp has been making headlines lately for the wide range of features it’s adding to the platform. Well, the list doesn’t end here – according to Wabetainfo, one of the most reliable sources for news and updates about the global messaging platform, Whatsapp is working on a communities feature that may be quite similar to Discord groups.

Whatsapp’s new community feature

Back in October, XDA Developers went through Whatsapp’s APK and revealed that the platform is working on a ‘Communities’ feature that will be similar to Discord. Now, Wabetainfo is backing up the claim. This feature will reportedly run along with the Groups feature. In other words, Whatsapp will be retaining the Groups feature.

The Communities feature will allow community admins to absorb multiple Whatsapp groups to create a larger community of like-minded people. Discord works in a fairly similar way. Admins can invite new people by sharing Community Invite Links. The feature is also rumoured to be end-to-end encrypted to ensure privacy for users.

While the look and feel of the feature have not been revealed, it is fair to assume that it will carry its own design markers to help people differentiate a community from a group.

Other new Whatsapp Features to note

Recently, Whatsapp announced that it will be modifying its delete feature. Currently, the Delete for Everyone feature has a time limit of one hour – once that time is exceeded, you cannot delete a message you’ve sent. However, the app is now working on an upgrade that increases the time limit.

Whatsapp is also working on a range of other features such as changing group icons, altering the privacy settings, allowing Whatsapp for Business users to upload their statuses as their profile picture, and more. The app has also added new cashback features to Whatsapp Pay to increase user adoption.

Kajoli Anand Puri

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